Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration is a cost-effective process designed to prolong the life of a functioning roof.
Restoring your roof will improve its performance. Evans Roofing will come inspect your roof and determine existing defects in order to plan the most effective restoration process.

Roof restoration usually involves the installation of a new top layer to your roof and will extend the service line and waterproof aspect of your roof for years to come.

Roof restoration is far less expensive than re-roofing: you will save among other things on tear-off and disposal costs

befpre-after Roof Restoration

Contact us if you think restoration is for you and we will come inspect your roof at no charge or commitment.

Roof Restoration with Astec Reply

astec-logo1 Roof Restoration

ASTEC is modern technology. It is a fluid applied roof.

Multiple layers of superior reinforcement, corrosion inhibitors, weatherproofing, and durable top finished. Restores leaking metal, asphalt, mod-bit, EPDM, and other single-ply substrates to better than original performance. Often times, you can avoid the high cost of tearing off your roof to replace it.

Roof Restoration on Flat Roofs

On Asphalt Roofs : Reapply one layer of modified bitumen cap sheet, hot mopped or welded, restoring flashings.

On Single Ply Roofs: Apply the Duro-Last roof system membrane, adding insulation, energy efficient and get a 15 year warranty.

Roof Restoration on Slope Roof

On Shingle Roofs: when laminated asphalted shingles are still in good condition, an alternative to replacement is to go over with an additional layer of new “shingle 3 tab”, replacing the flashing at the same time.

Do you think restoration is for you ? Call us to discuss it – 1-800-290-9291

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