Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances

Hire LICENSED Contractors, It’s Florida Law!

What are the benefits of hiring a licensed contractor ?

Florida_Licensed_Contractor_American-WEBSITE Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances
  • Contractor has proven qualifications to do the job.
  • Contractor has applied for all required permits.
  • Contractor is insured and will not become Homeowner’s liability if a worker is injured on the job.
  • Ensures safety of individuals and buildings and meet current Building Codes.
  • There is recourse for sub-standard work; licensed contractors are regulated by the State and or County.
  • Will request Inspections, Certificates of Completion, and Certificates of Occupancy, as needed.

Signs of a possible Unlicensed Contractor

  • Unmarked contractor’s vehicles.
  • Construction done mainly on the weekends and after regular work hours.
  • Requesting Homeowners pull permits.
  • Will not supply license and insurance Information.
  • Advertising or promoting themselves as a construction contractor.
  • Doing work for which a state or county license is required.
  • Is not bonded.
  • Has no Workman’s Compensation.

Evans Roofing is FULLY Insured and FULLY Licensed

state-of-florida Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances

State of Florida / Department of Business Professional Regulation

Evans Roofing is licensed with the State of Florida and in full compliance to undertake a variety of roofing projects.

We are Certified Roofing Contractor (License #CCC1326276)

Workers Compensation

furman Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances

Evans Roofing is fully insured for our staff. Evans Roofing has subscribed to a $ 2,000,000.00 general liability insurance, which allows us to undertake roofing projects of all sizes.Our insurance is with Furman insurance, an insurance company specialized with construction company.

We can provide insurance bonds on demand.

Florida Roofing Association

FRSA Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances

Being a member of the Florida Roofing Association provides Evans Roofing and our customers a host of benefits. We receive immediate updates for upcoming code and legislative changes so we always provide the best quality services to our clients. Our customers are also eligible for financing through the FRSA Credit Union for roofing repair/replacement.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

osha-logo-1 Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances

At Evans Roofing we are happy to say all of our work is done while following the high health and safety standards set by OSHA. Our business has completed the 30 and 10 hour training programs to become certified safety professionals in the roofing industry. Companies that make health and safety priorities for its workers boost not just morale, but also create a better space for our community.

Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida

rcasf-2 Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances

We are proud members of the RCASF and in partnership with many other roofing contractors doing business in South Florida. This means we are helping with code developments, advise area building departments, and strive with our partners to improve and roofing industry for everyone.

GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor

OIP-1-1 Affiliation, Licenses & Insurances

What is TPO roofing solution and why is it a trusted solution?

Short for thermoplastic polyolefin, TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane that offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. Heat-welded seams provide superior strength. TPO’s long-term heat, UV, and natural fungal resistance, plus flexibility without need for plasticizers also make TPO a reliable low-slope roofing system. In the 20+ years that TPO has been in the field, it’s become one the most popular products used for low-slope roofing. Over 1 billion square feet are installed annually, making up over 50% of single-ply roofs being installed today.