I would appreciate this information being passed on to the owner of your company – I had been dealing with another company for over 25 years .. they still have not returned my call. Your Company not only answered but scheduled a free estimate that was done the next day (today) .

The gentleman that you sent was Ricardo Gorni – not only did he asses the damages quickly and efficiently he was very polite and detailed his findings in an accurate and easy to understand method.  I then had to place a tarp over the roof – he not only helped me bring it up to the roof – but he stayed and helped me tack down the tarp and secure the roof. I would not have been able to perform the task myself and he was willing and cordial about helping me – Great Guy !

Thank you and I have no idea what my quote is yet but I am giving my business to you, thank you for prompt professional service and I look forward to using your company in the future !

Debbie L.


Old bill
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