Roof Replacement – Re-Roof

Evans-Roofing-South-Florida-New-Re-Roof Roof Replacement - Re-Roof

Sometimes, replacing your roof may be the only or best option:

  • Old roof
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Storm-damage
  • New guarantee
  • When roof cannot be restored
  • Update to code

Evans Roofing is experienced with re-roofs situation and will send a roofing expert to your location for a free inspection and estimate.

What are the benefits of a roof replacement?

certificatre-of-guarantee-roof Roof Replacement - Re-Roof
  • New guarantee
  • Code compliance
  • Improved protection to natural elements
  • Lower energy cost to heat or cool the building
  • Improved Aesthetic

We will first tear up the existing roof system.

We will then install the new roof system, in compliance with the current building requirements. This can be done on built-up roofs, shingle roofs, tile roofs or single-ply membrane roofs.

evans-roofing-south-florida-re-roof Roof Replacement - Re-Roof

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