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April 2021
Please Be Patient!

The Roofing industry is seeing shortages and delays due to Covid-19 and other factors on the following materials.

  • Foam is required on any tile roof projects to glue the tiles. Because of the winter storm and power outages in Texas, the only foam manufacturer in the USA is experiencing long delays.
  • Fastening nail are becoming a hot commodity. We are stocking up!
  • Upcoming Shingles shortages and delays to be expected. Consider metal roofs as an alternative. Metal Roof systems have seen the highest demand in recent years!
  • Lumber prices have doubled since the end of 2020. The prices keep rising with every delivery.

We are working with suppliers and researching alternatives.

Thank you for your Patience and Cooperation as your project may experience some delays!

 Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.


Evans Roofing on Las Olas

Adding to our long list of the restaurant projects, Evans Roofing is proud to add two new restaurants: Salt 7 and Cuba Libre. Both restaurants are located on the historic Las Olas boulevard in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Salt 7 is the sister restaurant of the one in Delray Beach. Sip a cocktail (or two) on their new patio overseeing the River Walk. Evans Roofing completed the new metal roof of the cocktail bar.

Cuba Libra will be adding Cuban Flavors to Las Olas. Located in the previous Maus & Hauffman building, our team replaced the Asphalt and TPO Roof.

Evans Roofing of Central Florida Updates

The Evans Roofing Central Florida location is working on some incredible projects this week:


Old Bill says...

Old Bill Old Bill says Be Ready ! Old Bill has spoken

Don’t Delay your roof projects!

Tropical Rain and Hurricane Season is approaching.

To avoid any delays which come with that season and to prevent any further damages to your roof, call us today for a FREE Roof Inspection!


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