Attention all homeowners!

Your home insurance will be going up soon, get cancelled or you may be forced into buying a new roof!

The cause:

Insurance companies received skyrocketing numbers of roof replacements in Florida due to aggressive solicitation from Companies promising “Free Roof”  and recent hurricanes. This caused insurance companies to increase their rates and reevaluate what they would insure.

The outcome: 

  • Single Roofs may not be reinsured after 10 years.
  • Metal Roof and Tile Roof will be insured from 20 to 25 years.
  • The State of Florida passed a law on July 1st to prevent contractors from soliciting homeowners to file insurance claims through a “prohibited advertisement,” such things as emails, door hangers, flyers and pamphlets.

The Help: 

We advise you to get ahead of your insurance renewal and schedule your next roof evaluation! 

Some of our clients who showed proof of work (repairs/coating) being done recently have avoided cancellation from their insurance. 

If your insurance asks for a new roof or asks for repairs, we are here to help!

Consider Upgrading to Tile or Metal Roof to avoid losing insurance every 10 years. 

Our company will satisfy your insurance requirements and give you an honest roof estimate.

Call us at 1-800-290-9291!

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