Solar Panels

Solar Incentives and Investment Tax Credit

Going green with your energy is supported by many different solar rebates and incentives. Photovoltaic rebates vary based on system size and state. In addition to state solar incentives, there is a 30% federal investment tax credit on installing a solar power system. Call 1-877-939-0400 to find out what incentives are available in your area.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The 30% Investment Tax Credit for solar energy property has recently been extended through December 2016. The bill allows the ITC to be used to offset regular and alternative minimum tax (AMT).

Expected Performance Based Buy down (EPBB)

This program provides a one-time, upfront incentive for solar electric systems less than 100 kW. Rebate amounts are determined by the expected performance of the system. Expected performance is calculated based on equipment rating and installation factors, such as geographic location, tilt and shading.

Performance Based Incentive (PBI)

This program provides monthly incentive payments based on energy production over a 5-year period for solar electric systems 100kW or greater, although any other size system may also opt into the PBI incentive structure.


To be eligible for this solar incentive program you must be purchasing power from one of the following utility companies: FPL.