Arriving to the property and visually inspecting the roof, our estimator was able to see what appeared to be rotted fascia.

Upon a thorough inspection in the attic he was able to verify it was not just rotted fascia but there was a crack above the drip edge that was causing this issue to result in the rotted wood.

For this extensive repair we Evans Roofing (Company A) provided a quote for $2,800. After a few days the customer came back to us, confused about the price differences between our quote and a quote for $900 from (Company B). Here is the differences of the two quotes:


Company A (Evans Roofing) Company B
Attic inspection No attic inspection
oof evaluation Replacement of fascia board only
Explanation of how to properly fix the roofing issue
Replace rotted fascia board
Replace rotted wood on main roof deck
Repair trusses
Replacement of tiles and underlayment
Repair estimate
$ 2,800
$ 900
This repair quote will take care of the consequences of the leak No fix for the actual leaking area

In conclusion, this is an illustration of the iceberg theory. What we see might not be the big picture.

Professionalism and 30 years of experience make the difference for this happy customer. Look twice when comparing quotes…