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Why Entegra Tiles ?

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  1. Tile that is consistent in weight, size, density, strength and color.
    Based on data from last year, less than 5 orders per 1,000 resulted in a complaint regarding manufacturing quality from our Okeechobee facility.
  2. A company that will resolve issues quickly.
    Of the issues we did experience, 90% were acknowledged within one business day, 78% were resolved within one week and more than 100% were resolved within 2 weeks.
  3. Reliable and predictable service.
    Based on data from last year, 95.2% of the orders delivered by Entegra were shipped in full on the scheduled date communicated to our customers. An additional 1% of the orders, which could not be delivered on a single truck, were shipped in full by the end of the next business day.

In 2010, Entegra Roof Tile was nominated as a
finalist by the South Florida Manufacturers’ Association.

Product Lines

Estate “S”

entegra-small Entegra Products

Our most popular profile, the Estate “S” Collection is offered in colors that range from traditional earth tones to Mediterranean inspired blends. This double roll profile is available in color thru or slurry coated tiles.

Bella High “S”

A new generation of elegance can be found in our Bella High “S” Collection.

Manufactured to simulate traditional cap and pan tiles, Old World Architecture meets 21st century technology. Bella High “S” is our largest profile and is available in color thru or slurry coated tiles.

Valencia Spanish “S”

This profile has a handcrafted characteristic, providing an ideal complement to Spanish architecture. Bridging the Old World look of yesterday with the durability of today, the Valencia Spanish “S” is available in color thru only.

Plantation Flat

Clean, classic and contemporary best describes this tile. The Plantation Flat Collection`s upscale, yet at-home setting complements any structure. Offered in Smooth, Tapered Shake and Slate Like finishes, Plantation Flat is available in color thru and slurry coated tiles.

Bermuda Flat

Handcrafted richness evokes the timeless allure of traditional flat tile commonly used throughout the Southeast and the Caribbean. Available in Broom Swept and Smooth finishes, this product adds the perfect touch to your island inspired home. Available in color thru only.

Customize your tiles!

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What is Tile?

Tile roofing is one of the oldest roofing systems in the world. Dating back to 10,000 B.C. in China, tile roofing materials have been protecting building structures for centuries and centuries. Although the processes and formulas have adapted and been upgraded throughout time, tile roofs are still around—proving their superiority to other roofing products. Found in nearly every climate, tile roofs continue to cover structures throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East and North America.

At Entegra, we manufacture our tile from natural materials—sand, cement, water-based sealers and natural oxides for coloring. These ingredients combine to give you a strong, durable, beautiful roof.

Numerous features and benefits are associated with this concrete tile roofs. Click here to see more reasons why you should consider a concrete tile for your next roofing project.