If you are wondering how much energy savings you can get from doing something new about your roof, then there are a few general tips on what you should consider:

  • Cool roofs: they look great and reflect away the sunlight, which prevents your roof from overheating and making your air conditioning work twice as hard. To make your roof cool, either apply a special coating to your existing roof or, if re-roofing, find lighter-colored versions of the materials you are using.
  • Well-insulated roofs: investing the time and effort into top quality insulation may practically remove the need for too much heating or air conditioning, while also lowering your power bill and heat emissions.
  • Modern roofs: re-roofing your house is a big decision, but if you haven’t done so in a long time, just consider how far technology and environmentally sustainable material production have gone since then. Just ask your roofer for some advice on what you should do to not only change the way your roof looks but to make the impact even deeper.

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