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This is a story from the last century : The Architect In Chief came out to visit the construction of the Empire State Building and talked to three roofers who seemed to be doing the same job. He asked each of them to describe what his job was. He got three different answers:

The first roofer said gruffly, “I’m laying panels” and went back to his job.
The second roofer said, “ I’m doing a metal roof“. With pride, he described his work and the size of the structure.
The third roofer laid down his tool, looked skyward and said softly “I proudly cover the roof of the tallest building in the world, sir!"


.... A small story that tells everything. Three roofers, three different visions. At Evans roofing, we think like the third roofer: we keep the big picture in mind.


What makes us a better choice?

You would think that all roofing companies "are created equal". Unfortunately, it is not the case.

We believe in providing not only the best products but also the best workmanship quality. We intend to pay attention to all details no matter how big is your project. We are enrolled and accredited with the largest manufacturers in the country and we are Certified or Master Contractor with all our suppliers, following strict requirements and offering superior opportunities to our customers. We surround ourselves with high quality companies exclusively to insure our customers' satisfaction and a no-surprise project.

We have been dedicated to form a team of skilled employees over the years. Evans Roofing is a multicultural company able to guide you in your project not only in English but also in Spanish, French and Creole.

Thierry Devove, the owner, has learn his skills in Europe and is master craftman. He is dedicated to bring quality and to satisfy his customers on every type of roofing project.

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